Friday, April 12, 2013

An Afternoon in the kitchen and more

I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen cooking and baking today
I shopped for veggies in the morning ( I have quite a few in the garden )
but not all ready yet.

Please remember that if you buy veggies that are not organic,
wash them in cold water, then soak for 10mins in water which you have added
a good splash of vinegar,then rinse again
This gets rid of all the chemicals and toxins that you really don't want to be eating.

First I roasted quite a few

Then I made   zucchini slice (recipe follows)

zucchini slice

1/2 an onion,chopped finely
1/4 cup oil
4 sml zucchini,I used 2 large (grated) I do everything in the food processor)
2 medium carrots (grated)
3 silver beet leaves (chopped)
3 sprigs parsley ( chopped)
11/2 cups grated cheese
4 eggs beaten
11/2 cups SR flour (I used wholemeal)
Salt and pepper ( I use freshly ground sea salt)

Grease a lasagna dish or similar
heat oven to 180 c
mix everything (except flour) together
 Then fold in flour
Bake in the oven until firm and golden 

We love our veggies and eat a salad for lunch every day,
and quite often with dinner too.

we mix fruit in with the salad, This is a mixed lettuce
base with tomato,melon, pear,capsicum and cucumber
For protein I add feta or tuna. This has feta cheese

Coleslaw and freshly cooked beetroot
I use cabbage carrot,apple, onion and celery in the coleslaw
I squeeze the juice of a small lemon over the top and mix in

It keeps in the fridge covered with cling wrap for a week
I don't put the mayonnaise on until ready to use.

Choc chip shortbread. ( I use chopped up melts)
and wholemeal flour 

Freshly baked bread

and butter rolls

I think the freezer and fridge is well stocked for the week

What I did yesterday

I found this image on a blog,and I'm sorry, I can't remember which one
If it's yours, please let me know and I will give you credit for it

I found the lovely frame at Ikea for $9.95
and printed off the image and put it in the frame.

I had quite a few nice shells
and was not sure what to do with them.
Then I was visiting one of my blogger friends
She had them set on a silver tray with tea candles
All glittered up.
I'm sorry again but I can't remember which blog it was again

I sprayed them white and then sprayed with glue
then sprinkled with silver glitter.
Set on a silver tray they look really nice.

Well that's all for now
See you at the linky parties
the links are on my side bar.
xx jeanetteann


April Dunlap said...

What a yummy recipe! I don't know what silver beet leaves are, though.
Your shells and little print are so lovely.
Happy Friday!

Papel Scissors said...

hi..i am a new follower as of this morning..yay! you have such a peaceful feel to your blog, i really like it alot so far! i am just wondering, do you have your recipe for your bread and rolls posted on your blog...they look yummy!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh this looks sooooooooo good. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I love veggies too and everything looks really good. Those shells are very pretty! Thanks for sharing at my HOME.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the seashells...what a fun idea! Sweet hugs!