Thursday, August 30, 2012

A productive day and afternoon tea

I found some lovely vintage white cotton sheeting on my thrifty search this week
I so love working with white cotton.

I had been asked by  my dear daughter,
Kerry Lee if she could have some of my handmade pillow cases
 for her birthday in October

I had a few already made for my Etsy shop,so thought more wouldn't go amiss
as I have lots of vintage lace in my collection as well as this vintage cotton.

I spent a lovely morning pressing and making and creating

The possibilities are endless 

Don't you just love vintage lace?

I made two cushions as well, one for me and one for Kerry Lee
I used transfers she bought off the internet. Key to my heart

Now all done,time for a welcome cuppa
The violet teacup set is a new favourite
especially as the violets are popping up their little heads in the garden.

I used my organza tea cloth with the mauve flowers.

This little creamer and sugar bowl,so sweet

And home made chocolate/mocca biscuits

MMMM, Delicious

Won't you join me, I'll just get another cup
xx jeanetteann

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Chemical free cleaning

Safe cleaning products above

Have you ever thought what all the chemicals in cleaning products
 are doing to the environment and our health?

A few years ago,I decided to change the way I cleaned my home

I tossed out all the expensive, poison products that filled my cupboards.
I replaced them with Vinegar, salt, baking soda,and a few other safe products like
eucalyptus oil,

I scrubbed the tiles behind my kitchen sink today using salt and vinegar, 
(not only for fish and chips :) 
a scrubbing brush and elbow grease.

This is what they looked like before

And after

I use this method for the bathroom too.
I wipe down bench tops with vinegar and soak the dishcloth with it too

It's a natural antiseptic and disinfectant.

I have written a book that includes hints and recipes and much more

It's a great help,especially for working mums

It is available from my website http//
price $10

Happy Cleaning xx jeanette

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isabel's beautiful work

I am so proud of the children who come to me for sewing lessons.
All of them have made beautiful items over the years.
They have all won prizes at the Royal Adelaide Show and country shows,getting first,second and third prizes in their age groups

Today I am featuring Isabel's latest work
She started the Baptismal gown,bonnet, shoes and bib at the beginning of the year
along with other projects,one of which I have shown below.

This is the smocked Baptismal gown

Isabel is 15 and has been coming to me since she was 7
She has won on numerous occasions at the Show,but she has never attempted a gown, only little baby dresses.

This years Royal Adelaide Show is in September and these items will be entered

Isabel completing the matching booties
There are the tiniest roses on the stems of the embroidery,but a little hard to see here.

Isabel is home schooled 
and 2 of her sisters also come to sewing lessons and do extremely nice work.

This  ABC wall hanging is another of her completed projects ready for the Show

I think her stem stitch is so neat,and she embroiders the most beautiful bullion roses. 

The sun was sending shadows across the room when I took the photo.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend
xx jeanetteann

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Silver still my latest love

I am continuing my search for nice pieces of silver
If you remember the little grapevine jug above started it all

The decanter and goblets are pieces we have had stashed away since our silver wedding anniversary many years ago (25 if I'm honest) yes it's our 50th this year, 6th October and yes I was a child bride.:)

Today we found this beautiful coffee pot,for $25
It matches the jug with the grapevine
We could have purchased heaps more in this shop.
The owner of this cabinet full of goodies we had to choose from is extremely generous with their pricing.
We could have bought the entire cabinet full, ( if we had the money to spare that is)

Isn't it just lovely
Now this is a little dish I pulled out of my cupboard. 
I don't get it out very often
We have a small house and so much stuff :)
I sat it on top of my Grandma's cake stand

It made a nice display for my fruit.
that is until the grandchildren appeared (no pears left)
demolished my display in minutes.:)

Sometimes I hanker for plain china,even though,as you know, I love floral.

This platter is one of three I inherited from my dear mother.
They are Royal Doulton
The teapot also was hers and is Sandler
The creamer and sugar bowl I bought myself
They are Wedgwood Queens.
I love these and they are still available in the shops
I bought them when I was still working though,they are quite expensive.
I so love the shape and plainness of the creamy white.

This teacup trio is so pretty,love the gold patterned edge

I have had this Duchess Tivoli plate for ages,and today found the matching teacup and saucer, Yeh $12

Hope you are having a nice weekend
xx jeanetteann

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Pretty Finds & around home

Just a quick little post this week to show you a few of my recent bargain finds
This pretty Robert Gordon cream and sugar $5
I know it is a pattern that is still in the shops, so I will be looking around for more in the op shops
before buying at full price in the shops.
I love its Shabby Chic pattern.

While I was cleaning out my pantry,I found I had a Robert Gordon box
stashed away on the top shelf.  I must have received it with a mug inside or similar,but I can't remember when.

I also came across this lovely Avon Mothers Day coaster set for $2 and it's never been used
You know me for blue and white. Love it.

A few more change around bits and pieces at home

I've had this lovely little figurine for years,a gift from my brother and his wife, 
The Readers Digest belonged to my dear departed dad,so I treasure them.

Our very favourite magazine Country Style

The children in the photo are of my three in the 70's at the Old Tucker Box at Gundagai NSW

The beautiful Vase my dear daughter made, I just tissied it up with some bling.

I hope you are enjoying your week

xx jeanetteann

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Beauty all around us"

My first poem I wrote today

God gave us the gift of sight,
but do we see?

God created beauty all around us,
 but do we see?

We awake each day,we open our eyes
There's beauty all around us

                                                                        But do we see?

Today I awoke, I opened my eyes
I walked passed the sun room on the way to the shower

But did I see?

Through the glass, the fresh new blooms of roses over the arbour
A tiny spider spinning her web,a trail of silver thread behind her as she worked tirelessly

I could see

A honey eater fluttered through the branches of the Abutilon tree
diving to catch the insects for breakfast
He stopped to drink in the nectar from deep within the flowers

                                                   A pair of Pee Wee's flew down 
                                           They settled on the edge of the mosaic bird bath
                                            the cool water shimmered as they bent to drink

                                                                     I could see

The sun just peeping through the clouds
Warming and awakening the little creatures in the garden
each of them looking for breakfast

I could see

Little buds on the jonquils bursting into bloom 
Their creamy petals with deep yellow centres
lifting their little heads to catch the warmth of the sun
Little droplets of dew falling onto the smiley faces of the pansies
growing beneath

I can see

The beauty of everything around me,I had not seen before
Gods beautiful creations
There for all to see
If only we open our eyes and really see

The Beauty all around us"

I hope you all have a lovely week
and enjoy the Beauty all around you
xx jeanetteann

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