Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vintage Dresser

I thought I might show you my vintage dresser.
I just love when someone has made such a beautiful piece of furniture out of old wood
The wood could have come from old packing cases or floorboards

I don't really know who made it or out of what, but I still love it
We found it in an old second hand shop many years ago,and just had to have it
We paid $225 for it in 1996.  

 We parted with some furniture we had bought new,so that we could fit it in.  The other new/old dresser was made of chip board with  mahogany.veneer
When we bought it in the 70's we loved it to bits because everything matched, the lounge suit,dining suit, coffee tables and dresser.

How our taste has changed,  All the old/new stuff has gone,and we hunt for treasures like our dresser

 Don't you just love these little door fasteners? They are on the upper doors too

The picture is a little blurred, but still you can see how it fits so perfectly beside the fireplace (which we turned into a wine rack, my hubby lined the surround with old baltic  floorboards) in the dining room/kitchen

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Happy week,  xx jeanetteann

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fondant Roses

I found a wonderful old cake decorating book in the charity shop for $1 yesterday. It was from 1965.

 Today I  practiced making fondant roses to put onto my granddaughters birthday cake.
I am very pleased with my efforts. I think the rose was the easiest of all the flowers to make.

I coloured the white fondant with rose pink cochineal.

Making the centre a little darker

Some of them I made the same colour right through

I will have to buy some green cochineal to make some leaves.

The buds were quite simple,I just rolled one petal.

This is the finished collection

I originally was going to make red roses,as my Granddaughter loves red,but then I thought it might look too much like a valentine cake as she is only 15

She loves flowers, so I think I will pick a bunch of the roses from the garden too.

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Nothing tastes as good as a good cuppa in a china cup
xx jeanetteann

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dorothy's new shoes

"Oh goodness me,I'm so excited about my lovely new pink shoes.
Look, baby brother, aren't they lovely?"

I think baby brother is too tired to look,zzzzzzzz

                                           Well do you see them Goldie,and you Susan?

Yes I do, and do you like my new dress,mummy made.  It's smocked and everything"
                                                            "I so love the colour"

So is mine,and mine has flowers too"

"Look at Linda's dress, it isn't finished yet, as mummy has been so busy"

"I don't mind waiting,because it's going to be just beautiful,and mine is smocked too."

I "have" been very busy too, playing with my ruffle foot on my sewing machine.  It hasn't been working the way it was supposed to..  Thanks to a good blogger friend, Sandy from For the love of White.who gave me some hints on how to get the best results,I managed to make a ruffle.
  Check out Sandy's blog and see what she does with ruffles. Lovely things.

                                     I managed to do a little today,and it isn't too bad.

 I have also been sewing some little goodies for my Etsy shop

Bridal heart favour

Blue silk garter

Horseshoe favour in Pink silk

With matching garter

                                                       More little gems for my shop
                                          Little Flower cart and pretty lantern with glass angel

.I hope you are all having a nice week

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 and for those on the other side of the world from me
Keep Warm,  and my Aussie friends,  Keep Cool

xx jeanetteann

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blue Day

I am really blue today.  Not in the unhappy sense, but because I have been washing my china collection,which was very much in need of some attention.

The first thing I started on was my dresser,where I display most of  my blue china collection

Although these china trio's are not really in keeping with the other blue and white china,I am running out of room in the glass fronted kitchen cupboards,so for the moment this will be their home.

I have collected quite a bit of this pattern, I think it is the onion pattern.
I find it quite reasonably priced when I find it.

I love this little collection of animals, especially the little frog and the smiling baby cow.

The soup terrine was given to me by my son when he was a teenager,which is a long time ago,so I treasure it.

I know, I didn't straighten up the plate before I got out the camera.   Not to worry, I did later.

I bought the vintage tin on Ebay and it has an aged patina,which is why it has faded to another shade of blue.

I am playing around with the arrangement to get the right look

More blue and white on the kitchen cupboard shelves

I use this lovely willow box, for paper napkins.  It fits them perfectly.

I was lucky enough to find some willow pattern vintage tea towels.

Some of the collection has to go onto the walls

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                                                                                           Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage

Some pretty pink china, which I use,  I so enjoy a cup of tea in a china cup.  Why not join me after all that china washing and arranging.

A bit more Pink

 My one and only Black Boy Rose.  This bush is not a prolific bloomer in our garden,but when we do get a bloom, it is always beautiful and the colour gorgeous.

I hope you  all have a lovely week.  xx  jeanetteann 

PS. As you can see on the rose picture above,I have gone back to jeanetteann instead of jeanette odonnell.  I think it is more friendly somehow.