Saturday, January 25, 2014

Roast tomato pasta for dinner

I picked a lovely big basket of tomatoes today
Then a neighbour came calling with some pretty yellow baby ones
So we swapped some of his for some of my large round ones.

I put cut them into halves and quarters and place them onto
a baking tray lined with baking paper
Sprinkled them with good olive oil
Tossed them about a bit

Tore up some freshly picked basil leaves and sprinkled them over

Added a few cloves of garlic unpeeled 

Placed them into a hot oven for about 40 Min's until lovely and fragrant
and soft.
Meanwhile into a pan of boiling salted water I placed some spinach 

All roasted

Toss them through the tagliatelle 

Served with a lovely fetta mixed salad

Tea to finish

Hope you enjoy your lovely long Australian Day weekend
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xx jeanetteann

Thursday, January 23, 2014

White & cream linen & lace

There is something to be said about our Grandmothers home making
I remember mine using the most beautifully hand embroidered pieces
for the most ordinary everyday things.

Carving the roast on Sundays
A beautifully hand embroidered place mat was placed under the 
meat plate to stop the drips from soiling the table cloth

This meat plate is one of 3 I inherited from my mother
It is Royal Doulton

The cloth and meat fork and knife I bought thrifting

It is embroidered,white on white with a carving knife and fork
and a floral border at the top

Another white on white piece I have in the laundry

Note the beautiful satin stitch on the leaves,and the corded
shadow stitch.

Another on my jug and bowl in the bedroom

Flower baskets were popular like this one on a hand towel

I love cream linen too with the coffee coloured embroidery
and all the painstakingly stitched scalloped border on this 

Set of cream napkins with the lacy corners

A collection of creamy doilies
My Grandmother used to crochet her lovely fine ones
although sadly these aren't hers.

Back to the ironing, I so love ironing all my linen pieces.
They get so creased in the linen dresser,so I occasionally 
take them out and launder them all again,a little job I enjoy.
I have a good sort through and sometimes part with a few,so that I can buy more. :)

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I hope you are enjoying your week
Happy Australia day to my Aussy friends
xx jeanetteann

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A welcome cool breeze and roses

                                                     Ahhhhh, A little cooler at last

Opening the windows and letting in the cooler breeze

A little sewing completed

Cool enough to spend time in the garden

and being rewarded with a blush of pink

Collecting a pretty collection of bottles and vases

Arranging and rearranging them

Clustering them together

Mixing them with other rosie dishes

With a cherished loved one in a sparkly frame

I am so enjoying the cooler temps
I hope you are too or keeping warm if you live in a cold climate

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Happy week
xx jeanetteann

Monday, January 13, 2014

Holidays and lucky finds

We had such a lovely holiday at Victor Harbour
on the South Coast of South Australia
It is the most beautifully relaxing place to go for a week or so.

The above picture is Granite Island which is a lovely place to walk, or ride on the horse carriage
across the bridge.  Here you can view the fairy penguins.

This is the view from our Sun room window of the beach house

This is The Bluff,which one can climb. We didn't do that this time,
but have in the past. It's not too hard going.
We walked almost all the way to it this time.

The Inman River,just a few minutes walk from the house.
So peaceful

The tide out

John (hubby) enjoying the peace.

Annnnnd,you might know I couldn't come back without 
having visited a few charity and second hand shops

I got these beautiful sparkly depression glass plate and dish for $2 each
Then I saw the pair at the weekly market for $25

I also got 2 dolls for $2 each and 7 willow pattern saucers $1 each
I had the rest of the dinner set and needed them 

When I visited Bella's Rose Cottage blog
Bella had the very same  glass plates..
She had placed a beautiful frosted candle holder with a tea light
inside,on them and they just sparkled beautifully,so I had to have them for that price.

I am visiting some nice linky parties this week
The links are on my side bar.

Now getting ready to face 40celcius plus temps this week
Not nice, but hey it will let me catch up on some sewing.

Oh, and lucky,the garden was fine. I had thought it wouldn't have 
survived while we were away without water,but it did.
I was especially worried about the roses,but they are as tough as old boots.

Stay warm my Northern friends and in Aus Keep Cool
xx jeanetteann